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Rick Swan, Head Coach/GM Bonnyville Pontiacs (2013 – present)

Jackson Dudley is the impact player that all teams are looking for – a player that  can  step in and be a difference maker next season.  He is a ’93 left had shot fowared with elite speed and a pro shot. He has an outstanding compete level, plays with grit and his work ethic is top drawer.

High character on and off the ice with a tremendous family.

Again, he is exactly what teams  are looking for!

Bonnyville Pontiacs
P.O. Box 5554 Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada   T9N 2G6
Phone: (780) 826-2893

Chad Mercier, Head Coach/GM Bonnyville Pontiacs (2006 – 2013 ret.)

Phone:  (888) 299-7003
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter as a reference for 20 year old forward Jackson Dudley.  I had the opportunity to coach Jackson for 2 seasons while he and I were a part of the Bonnyville Pontiacs organization from 20011- 2013.  We recruited Jackson out of the CAC Midget AAA program out of Edmonton where he was one of the AMHL’s top scorers and played in the AMHL’s All-star game.
Jackson was very popular amongst all his teammates from the young guys to the veteran players.  He was not unlike any other player making the jump to Junior where he had to learn and adjust his game.  The thing I really liked about coaching Jackson is through his times of adjustment he battled through the adversity without pouting or hanging his head to become our 2nd leading scorer last year on our hockey club as a 19 year old. 
 My belief is that Jackson has the ability to be in the top ten of league scoring this upcoming season.Jackson strengths are his ability to work in tight areas, he jumps through holes very well and he has an excellent release.  He has the ability to play in all situations up by one late in the game, down by one late in the game, PK, PP, has the ability to play Point on the PP.I believe there is a fit out there for Jackson in College hockey and he will step in and contribute to a program both on and off the ice.  It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to have coached Jackson for 2 years.
Chad MercierGeneral Manager and Head Coach Bonnyville Pontiacs for 7 years

Dan St. Jacques, Head Coach CAC Canadians (2009 – 2011 ret.)

Phone:  (780) 476 4575
Reference: Attached

To Whom This May Concern;

My name is Dan St. Jacques and I would like to forward this recommendation letter for Jackson Dudley. I had the privilege of coaching Jackson during the 2010 – 2011 hockey season in which Jackson played for me on the CAC Midget AAA hockey team in the Alberta Major Midget Hockey League.

Hockey skill wise Jackson showed great dedication to the game always asking questions in video sessions and on ice pertaining to certain drills / systems and why we used them and in what way they would benefit our team and also his own game! Jackson was a player that had great vision of the ice surface, made his line mates better threw his hard work on and off the ice. What he gave up in size he made for with his speed and knowledge of the situation he was in that (game) or (practice). Work ethic wise he was one player that would never complain how hard practices involving skating in and the length of the drills. Jackson was rewarded for his season when he won his team scoring championship was awarded the MVP award not just from our team but the overall club MVP.

Off ice Jackson was a pleasant young man to talk to, always had a smile no matter how the day was going for him. He was committed to his schooling receiving a league scholarship which was given to players who took the time to write a (which I believe was) a 500 word essay in order to qualify.  I believe that season Jackson was the only player from our 21 man roster that took the time to enter the essay already knowing in which way he was heading with his hockey future !

In closing I would like to say that it was a pleasure coaching Jackson and believe that he will be a great addition to any NCAA program that is looking for a good person to lead on and off the ice and  also with in the community or college that he attends.

If you have any other questions or concerns please fill free to contact me at the following numbers; (H) 780 476 4575 (C) 780 932 3719 or e-mail at dogs

Dan St. Jacques

Bram Stephenson, Head Coach Grant MacEwan Griffins (2012 – present)

Grant MacEwan University
10700 – 104 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T5J 4S2
Phone:  (780) 993-1770

Reference: Attached

12 June, 2013

It gives me great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Jackson Dudley as he pursues an opportunity to further his hockey career and match it with an opportunity further his education.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jackson for several years now, as I coached Jackson for his two seasons of Bantam AA/AAA hockey in 2006-2007 season and the 2007-2008 season.  We have continued to keep in contact from time to time since that time. Jackson has, and continues to demonstrate that he is an extremely intelligent person with a diligent work ethic, a desire to succeed, and a determination to always be a winner.

When I first met Jackson, he was a young man who had not yet physically matured at the same time and growth rate as his peers.  He was small for his age and what took most players 2-3 strides to get to a spot on the ice, would take Jackson 4-5. I was a young coach who took to Jackson because while he was quite small, it was obvious to me that he was extremely competitive and was willing to work for everything that was given to him.  What I later learned about him is that he was an exceptional athlete off of the ice.  He was multi faceted in many sports.  This combined with a strong upbringing from home and his willingness to use his mind first and his physical attributes second was proof to me that formulated part of my coaching philosophy that I maintain today.  I have come to believe that athleticism, tenacity, intelligence and character are the attributes of an athlete(s) that I look for to have success in a team atmosphere.  Jackson to me, is the epitome of these traits that I look for.

Over the past couple of years, I have been in contact with Jackson and I can attest to the fact that I have learned that Jackson is extremely mature for his age and accountable for his game on the ice.  He is always looking to better himself and when faced with the occasional rough patch on the ice. He seems to have a knack for facing adversity head on, overcoming challenges, and finds a way to be an important player for his junior team when the occasion is the most important.

Jackson will succeed in his life’s ambitions because he has the personal drive, determination, personality and character to make it so. His overwhelming interest and eagerness in the game of hockey and diligence to become a student-athlete in the future combined with his congenial attitude makes Jackson a strong candidate for any University/College hockey program.  I genuinely hope you will give him a strong consideration.

Bram Stephen
Grant MacEwan Men’s Hockey Coach